Make sure that your celebration of life reflects your wishes and your story.

Celebration of life planning

Plan how you're remembered while you're still here

Maybe you're uncomfortable having the conversation with your family today. Or maybe you want to remove any burden of them having to plan your memorial when you're gone. Maybe you'd just like someone to help you have a rich conversation together about how you'd like to be remembered.

Engaging in a memorial pre-planning service will help you tell your own life story in a way that is authentic and healing for those who will hear it. Think of it as your final gift to family and friends. You can welcome them into the process or dig into the story just between you and me for now. 

Memorial pre-planning

How we work together

First, we connect for a free initial consultation. We'll dig into some of the basic questions about how to structure the ceremony and what kinds of things you’d like to include in it.

After our initial chat, if you’re keen to move forward together, I’ll continue to work with you and anyone that you'd like to include in the process. Together, we'll engage in a conversation and story harvesting process that will help you articulate how you'd like to be remembered in a way that feels like "you." 

We'll work together to design your future ceremony and make sure that it's just how you'd like it to be presented when your loved ones gather to celebrate your life.

When you're happy with your story, we'll discuss how and when you'd like to share it with your loved ones.

I've also found that memorial pre-planning like this has the added bonus of helping you to better understand how you want to spend the time that you have left with the people who matter most to you.

Sound good? Then let's connect to get started.

Pre-plan your funeral


For a completely custom funeral, memorial, or celebration of life, pre-planning services begin at $1,200. That includes an in-depth story gathering process with you and close family/friends, ceremony writing, editing until you're delighted, and working with you to plan how you'd like to share your story when you're gone.

Get in touch now to talk about how I can help you tell the story of your life the way you'd like it to be celebrated.