Tell the story of a life that honours their memory and reflects your love.

Custom celebration of life ceremony

Personal, meaningful, healing

I don't know about you, but I've definitely been to too many funerals, memorials, or celebrations of life that left me wondering if the person up front had spent any time at all getting to know the person they were describing (too often, no, they hadn't).

I create completely customized memorial services that tell the life story of your family member or loved one. From their one-of-a-kind quirks to all of the wonderful things they did, I create a loving and healing portrait of the person to help you honour their memory and move through your grief.

There will be tears, no doubt. But there will always be laughter as well. I take the time to dig deep for the nuggets of truth about a person that made their life unique, and help you share those gems with the people who loved them but may not have known all sides of who they were.

If you'd like to pre-plan your own memorial service, I can help with that, too

Funeral and memorial consultation

How we work together

First, we connect for an initial meeting that might last a couple of hours or more. We'll dig into some of the basic questions about how to structure the ceremony and what kinds of things you’d like to include in it.

From there, if you’re keen to move forward together, I'll continue to work with you and close family/friends through a series of questions about the person’s life to make sure that I collect as full a picture as possible of who they were and what they meant to everyone. 

After that, I'll pull together a draft ceremony for you to review and make any changes that you feel are needed before the service.

On the day of the service, I'll lead the ceremony, making sure to arrive in lots of time to help family and guests feel comfortable with everything that's happening.

Throughout the process, my goal is always to honour your loved one and also help you move through your own grieving process. 

Feel free to reach out with questions and to arrange your introductory consultation. I'm here to help, so contact me when you're ready.


Memorial officiating


For a completely custom funeral, memorial, or celebration of life ceremony, services begin at $600. That includes an in-depth story gathering process with you and close family/friends, ceremony writing, editing, and officiating at the event.

Get in touch to talk about how I can help.