Celebrants make sure that it's your story.

Photo Credit: dean thullner

What's in a name?

You can call me whatever you'd like: certified lifecycle celebrant, wedding officiant, ceremonialist, minister, eulogist, gal who marries and buries. Whatever. I'm the person who writes and conducts the ceremony that celebrates your union, or the life of your loved one.

Celebrants work to make sure that your service is unique to your needs. We dive deeply into your story and share it in a way that sparkles and rings true to everyone who hears it, especially you.

That photo on the left is of my wife, Marie, and my pal and fellow celebrant, Michele Davidson of Modern Celebrant, performing my wedding ceremony several years ago. Working with Michele was an exceptional experience that really brought home the power of ceremony to me. With thoughtful questions and helpful prompts, she enabled us dive into and articulate what mattered most to us about getting married and sharing our love with family and friends.

In fact, it was such a great experience that it help prompt me to change my own career path and become a celebrant myself.

Get in touch today to see how I can help you make sure that your story is told faithfully, lovingly and with a whole lot of fun!