Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. — Anatole France.

Pet celebration of life

Celebrating a member of the family

With their unconditional love, pets are often the favourite member of a family. Saying goodbye to a pet can be just as difficult as losing a person, and I want to help you honour those memories and that companionship with the same amount of thoughtfulness and care. 

It's important to celebrate your pet's presence in your life as a way of helping you move through your grief. I'll work with you to create a ceremony that celebrates all that they brought to you with their furry (or feathery, or reptilian) devotion. 

Pet memorial and celebration of life

How we work together

Much like my other celebration of life ceremonies, we'll connect for an initial meeting to dig into some of the basic questions about how to structure the ceremony and what kinds of things you’d like to include in it.

From there, if you’re keen to move forward together, I'll continue to work with you through a series of questions about your pet and their place in your family. We'll dig into what made them special (those eyes! that nose!), what made them annoying (goodbye furniture! so many poo bags at the wrong time!), and what made them such a unique part of your daily life and routines. 

After gleaning all of your stories and memories, I’ll pull together a draft ceremony for you to review and make any changes that you feel are needed before the service.

When you're ready, I'll conduct the service. Together, we'll honour your pet's place in your life and work to make sure that the celebration of their time with you is part of your healing.

Sound good? Then let's connect to get started.


Pet memorials


For a completely custom memorial for your pet, celebration services start at $400*. That includes an in-depth story gathering process, ceremony writing, editing, and officiating at the memorial. 

* Because I love animals too, I donate $200 from each pet memorial service to the BCSPCA.

Get in touch now to talk about how I can help you say goodbye to your pet pal.